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I am delighted to join the blog tour for Anything for Love by Gracie Bond today! My thanks to Rachel Gilbey at Rachel’s Random Resources for the chance to join and the wonderful review copy!

Book Summary

Leah Jensen, Yorkshire lass born and bred, needs money and she’ll do anything – yes, anything – to get it. 

Her Grandad, Thomas is in pain and the cost of an operation on his bad knee is way beyond the family’s means. Leah tries everything to earn the fee – but in the end, and like so many before her, she turns to the world’s oldest profession.

Madam Butterfly’s exclusive escort agency in London is a different world to where Leah comes from. In Whitby, the sea air is sweet, and legends of Dracula jostle with jet-mining and whaling history; it’s a place where dog lovers meet and tourists come to marvel at the views.

Leah may be out of her comfort zone, but one daring, brief encounter will bring many surprises in this memorable romantic comedy full of pithy Yorkshire humour.

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I Thought…

If your favoured reading material is a compelling tale with a good sprinkling of humour, action, determination, positive attitude, imperfection, bitchiness, evil, love and relationships then Anything for Love by Gracie Bond is a must-read for you as you will adore this book!

Goodness me; from the get-go there was so much happening in this wonderful tale of love and romance! I was totally smitten with protagonist Leah and her amazing zest for life. Author, Gracie Bond had really worked wonders with all of the characters in this fabulous story and I was very fond of most of them: Leah’s Granddad, Thomas; her cousin, Joey; her son,Tom and the sophisticated billionaire and businessman, Dan to name only a few. Even the less personable ones – particularly Chelsea – still had very good parts to play and did not dampen my enthusiasm for this fascinating tale.

Dan’s personal assistant, the catty, smiling assassin Chelsea, had serious behavioural problems in my humble opinion and her levels of bitchiness, nastiness, jealousy, possessiveness and evil were astonishing; on several occasions, I found myself wishing that I could cheerfully throttle her, so it was just as well she was fictional character!

Aside from the brilliant cast of characters, another selling point of Anything For Love for me was its fabulous setting; Whitby, Yorkshire. Although I have never stayed there, I have visited a few times and Gracie Bond had a wonderful way of describing the ambiance of the place, the surrounding area and the general way of life of the townsfolk.

The plot was awesome and moved along at a really wicked pace and I loved the author’s general writing-style. There was no room for repetitiveness or boredom here!

The story was, for the most part, absolutely hilarious and witty and there so many laugh-out-loud moments. There were however, some serious issues as well, such as coping with with absent parents, dealing with awkward relationships and single parenthood. I was completely drawn into this novel right from the start, relishing all of the absolutely priceless scenes and also the slightly shocking ones.

I was rooting all the way through, not just for Leah herself, but for most of the other delightful characters also and Gracie Bond rounded things off so masterfully which I fully appreciated. It was very hard to say goodbye to them and I found myself wishing (nearly) all of them well for the future.

I think this author is a force to be reckoned with and I am eagerly awaiting her next contribution. I recommend Anything for Love without a flicker of hesitation, so don’t miss out!

Thank you to Gracie Bond, PublishNation and Rachel’s Random Resources for the opportunity to read this book. This review is my own unbiased opinion.

Brianne’s Book Reviews Rating | Five Stars

About The Author

Gracie Bond loves a good romantic comedy, either to read or to watch on Netflix. Her favourite go-to novel is (Pride and Prejudice)- and she’s always happy to watch ( Bridgett Jones) any time of the day. Among Gracie’s interests are Newfoundland dogs, horses, and handsome Yorkshire men. Her idea of fun would be to ride a spirited horse along a Northumberland beach, followed by a pack of her favourite dogs.

Gracie lives in Yorkshire with her partner John and she has close connections with Whitby, the setting for this novel.  

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