The Girl on the Beach

The Girl on the Beach by Tracy Buchanan

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In Tracy Buchanan’s new page-turner “The Girl On The Beach”, Amber Caulfield finds a teenage girl wandering barefoot and confused along the frozen beach of Winterton Chine.

Best-selling author Tracy Buchanan has been very well known for her novels in the Contemporary, Fiction and Suspense genres for years. Tracy’s newest novel may well rank as one of her best books to date.

Readers are introduced to Amber, who has felt empty, ever since she lost her daughter. But when she finds the girl on the beach everything starts to change as her maternal instinct reawakens and she starts to feel a flicker of hope for the future, for the first time in years. Who is she? Where is she from? And what led her to this particular beach in the south of England, on the coldest day of the year? Amber knows she must help her find some answers. The girl’s only possession is a notebook, filled with notes, stories, and pictures that she claims not to recognise.

This book has a very strong start. Tracy Buchanan did a great job with the pacing and “The Girl On The Beach” contains some intriguing elements in the storyline, dealing with emotion and new beginnings, but also loss and misunderstanding. This gripping novel is well-written and packed with mystery and the characters’ portrayal are fantastic. The readers who will enjoy “The Girl On The Beach” the most are those who surrender themselves completely to Tracy Buchanan’s control.

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